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Well, we knew from the very first scenes of 3.33 that the NGE Rebuild storyline has drastically derailed from its original path, but how far is Studio Khara willing to push NGE fans their patience?

Generally the 3.33 release has had very low ratings from old NGE fans because of its surreal (even for NGE standards) nature, unexpected turns and twists, and total lack of character depth.
In the original series most attention was centred on the chars psyche, the relationship issues between them and each persons struggle to over come them; one wouldn't really define it a mecha-genre anime but more something like a Freudian analysis of Master Annos state of mind in the nineties.

In this preview of the 4.44 movie we see how Asuka and Mari have "merged" their evas and are co-piloting (I guess the same way as Shinji and Kaworu did in 3.33, or as the chars from PacificRim) the result.

My first reaction was of absolute disgust. Why even call it evangelion? Why not call it Gurren Lagann? Nothing apart from the characters aspects is left from the original series, so we might as well change the title.
However the third movie has had a major success in Japan, could it be that the newer generations are actually enjoying this? Is the only reason we don't like it because we have been living with the old EVA for over a decade and have become so used to and familiar with it that we are just against any change whatsoever? Just like the senior citizens will always be conservative and the youth progressive? Well, obviously yes, but why did they then have to take this classic anime and change it this much? Why non just make a new one? The only reason I can think of is because they want to involve the older audiences, but then again it doesn't make sense that they would stab us in the back like this.
Well, I can't figure out WHY they had to do this, but I'll just roll with it for the moment and see what happens.

What are your thoughts on this, are you enjoying the changes? Do you prefer the rebuild movies over the old ones?
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Welcome to the Ayanami Rei Fanclub

Hello and welcome to the Ayanami Rei FanClub.

In this group we focus on promoting our members artwork and help other users find new art.

Our group stands for QUALITY and is the easiest way to discover the most breath taking Ayanami artwork on the web.

If you'd like to get more views and comments on every entry just join this group, if our staff finds your entry good it will be added to the "favourites" folder where it will be displayed on the front page for everyone to see. This helps promote good artists and stimulate others to do their best.

We suggest you join our group if:

:bulletblue: You love/like/support Rei.
:bulletblue: You'd like to get your artwork promoted
:bulletblue: You'd like to discover many Ayanami artworks
:bulletblue: You wish to be kept up-to-date about the latest


Wish to get more views and help our group?
By donating at least 300 points to the donation pool on m60rocks profile you may add any artwork to the "Featured" folder which will be displayed on the main page at all times. All donations will be used to acquire a SuperGroup-Upgrade.


For questions/suggestions feel free to contact the new GroupFounder m60rocks



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